Social & Environmental

Our vision at Gidleigh Park is to encourage our clients, customers and all our suppliers to consider minimising environmental impacts of products and services through joint environmental action.

Gidleigh Park was established as a business in 1955 and is fully committed to minimising its environmental impact and Carbon Footprint.

Gidleigh Park is committed to:

  • The reduction of its product’s and service’s carbon footprint.
  • The efficient and responsible use of raw materials, energy and other resources.
  • Meeting all applicable environmental legislation regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe.
  • Minimising the creation of waste, wherever possible, and promoting reuse and recycling.
  • The continual improvement of environmental performance through the setting of objectives and targets.
  • The delivery of our services which increase positive awareness of the environment.

At Gidleigh Park we believe good environmental management makes sound business sense and it is therefore one of our core business considerations.