Wildlife Spotting

The famous Dartmoor ponies are perceived to roam free and wild on the moors, but they are in fact owned by farmers who work the moorland and their health and well being is taken care of all year round.

Time your visit between May and August and experience new foals on the moors, finding their footing in their natural habitat, which is magical.

The skies above the moors are home to many birds of prey, watch out for buzzards hunting in pairs or on higher ground the endangered red Grouse may make an appearance.

Dartmoor’s Butterfly population continues to thrive on the moors and nearby Buckfast Butterflies and Dartmoor Otter Sanctuary at Buckfastleigh offers a wonderful opportunity to see many of these delightful species. Otters can be spotted playing in the rivers where if you are lucky you can engage them in a game of hide and seek.