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The Magic of Beekeeping

Wednesday 10th June 2015.

Hosted by Ian and Alex Atherton, beekeepers at Gidleigh Park for five years, this fascinating event is ideal for those who are interested in the natural world, the art of beekeeping and the way in which honey bees interact with the plants and flowers in the area.  

Your event begins at 9.30am with Ian and Alex giving you a fascinating insight into discovering the world through the eyes of the honeybee, what goes on inside the hive and how beekeepers look after and care for these wild creatures. During the morning you will visit the bee hives, dressed in traditional bee keeping suits.

Canapés and apéritif will be served at 12 noon, followed by a two-course, two Michelin star lunch with coffee and petits fours and a glass of wine.

£97.50 per person.

To book your place on this event, please call 01647 432 367
or email

This event is only available on 10th June 2015. Places are limited and are subject to availability. For health and safety purposes, mandatory bee keeping suits shall be provided for all guests to wear.


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