About Us

One of Britain’s most elegant Arts and Crafts houses, Gidleigh Park was built as a grand private residence in 1928 for Australian shipping magnate, CHC McIlwraith.

In 1977, the mansion was transformed into a country house hotel. The current owners, Andrew and Christina Brownsword used to visit as guests and Gidleigh Park has always been a special place for them. In 2005, they purchased the property and became its ‘custodians’.

The house was lovingly restored in 2006 and new elements were added to further enhance the character of the house and comfort for our guests, bathrooms have become a super luxurious feature and include rooftop hot tubs, spa rooms and wet rooms.

Whilst contemporary features have been brought in, the signature styles of the Arts and Craft movement are still very visible, from the magnificent oak staircase, to beautiful handmade 1920s style furniture commissioned by the Brownswords solely for use in the house.